Problem Solving


Diapers that aren’t completely cleaned can develop problems such as ammonia, which can also cause rashes on the baby. These problems are generally solved by doing a bleach soak or a strip followed by a bleach soak ( and then altering your wash routine going forward.


Leaking is most often due to lack of absorbency or improper fit. Other causes of leaking include compression leaks in microfiber, repelling, or damaged PUL.

To use pocket diapers for overnight, stuff with extra inserts or with your most absorbent inserts. Try mixing a couple of different fibers. For example, microfiber absorbs quickly (good for babies who suddenly “flood” a diaper) and hemp absorbs a large amount slowly – so using one hemp and one microfiber insert can be a good combination. Flats, especially those made out of hemp or bamboo, are one of the most absorbent options for stuffing or lining pocket diapers.

Staining and Repelling

"Repelling" is the opposite of "absorbing".

Bleach-soaking or stripping can sometimes be necessary (see links to instructions for both above, under "smells").

Sunning your diapers can do wonders for stains that didn't come out in the wash.

If your diapers are stained or repelling due to petroleum based cream, apply some dish soap to the diaper and scrub gently. Rinse well before washing, as dish soap should never go into a washing machine.