About Us

I am a work-at-home, homeschooling mom to seven wonderful children. When my husband and I married over two decades ago, I was privileged to become a stepmother to his young daughter. Altogether we have seven girls and one boy and unless God brings us more children through fostering or adoption, our family is complete.

I used disposable diapers with our first 5 children with barely a second thought. Cloth diapers seemed old-fashioned, inconvenient, intimidating, and too much of an initial investment.

When our 6th child was born I had friends who cloth diapered. Having them as resources led me to feel excited about making the switch. Affordability and not creating unnecessary work for myself were very important.

I started out by borrowing a few diapers and quickly got the hang of it, appreciating the benefits so much that I began purchasing my own "stash" and giving up disposables completely, even during travel.

I bought Lovely Pocket Diapers through the local mom who had started the business after a great deal of research and ingenuity as a way to be able to be home with her children - because they were simple, affordable, adorable, and reliable. As compared to what we would be spending on disposable, we broke even just 3 months after beginning, saving thousands over all. And cloth diapers have resale value as well.

Some time after the original owner decided to close the business because she felt led in a different direction, my husband and I inquired about taking it over and reintroducing the brand.

By God's providence we worked out all the details and my family and I are grateful for the opportunity to continue her original intent: providing affordable, quality cloth diapering supplies and information so that choosing cloth can be a positive experience for you as well.

Our family owned and operated business will strive to offer exemplary customer service, support in any way possible, fast delivery, and products that you can feel good about.